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Not friend of the cold and in need of doing exercise without leaving home? Do not hesitate it, this is your walking treadmill! With the ECO-2570 you can initiate in the world of fitness. We highlight its easy usage, its comfortable size and its whole full panel. Besides, if open it does not occupies almost space, folded you won’t even notice it, check it out!

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Conceived to keep you fit, at your own pace and without leaving home!

Our ECO-2580 has a design that everyone likes, and everything necessary to exercise your body: full control panel, emergency stop button, security bracelet... is folding and it does not require assembly. What else can we ask for? 

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Avec votre tapis roulant ECO-DE® vous pouvez faire à la maison l’un des exercices les plus
bénéfiques pour votre santé; marcher. Les avantages du tapis roulant sont nombreux: Vous pouvez
pratiquer une activité physique, meme si vous avez un mais manque de temps ou manque d’espace à l’extérieur.

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With this folding treadmill with massage (yes, massage!) you will go crazy about fitness; it’s so complete that you won’t ever get off! It includes a latest generation programmable control panel; handrails with sensors; a massage belt of lipo-reducing; offers the possibility of connecting an Mp3; and last but not least, it is equipped with abs supports. Do not let it escape!

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